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Creative Hanging, Floating & Suspended Staircases
Creative Hanging, Floating & Suspended Staircases


There is nothing like a hanging staircase design to bring some suspense (sorry for the pun) to your everyday treks up and down the stairs of your home. Suspended stairs that seem to float in the air like the one above are more than merely a means of daily conveyance – they can become architectural works of art in their own right.


MVRDV is perhaps best known for their conceptual designs that push the limits of architectural thinking to the extreme and beyond. It is perhaps no surprise, then, that even the opportunity to create a staircase for a relatively conventional home was, for them, a chance to design something spectacular.


Set strangely apart from its more traditional surroundings, thiscreative staircase seems to have dropped down from the sky step by step, dragging its plywood sides with it.


Utilizing a tension system, this suspended staircase is not unlike a suspension bridge in its execution. Wires hold every step in place without a single traditional form of support.


Mylen Stairs specializes in the design, construction and installation of professional-grade staircases for commercial and residential applications. Their works are more obviously supported but nonetheless extremely elegant and refined atypical staircase solutions.


These seemingly impossible modern stairs seem to slice invisibly into the wall – an effect enhanced by the color and reflectivity contrast between the glossy black steps and the matte white wall.

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