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You're Done!

You answered 10 of 10 questions correctly.

You're a Coffee Connoisseur
With your extensive java wisdom, you could practically run a school for baristas. You know the regions, roasts, and recipes that comprise a perfect cup, and you rarely settle for anything less.

:lol: (nếu không xem trợ giúp thì chỉ trả lời được có 8 câu thui hà)



Question 1
Q: Where was coffee first consumed?
In Persia by only the very rich 
In the northern region of Guatemala 
In the highlands of Ethiopia 
Shortly after the invention of the hangover 
I chose: In the highlands of Ethiopia

Question 2
Q: Approximately a third of the world's coffee comes from:
I chose: Brazil

Question 3
Q: According to experts, coffee should be brewed:
Between 195 and 200 degrees 
Between 100 and 110 degrees 
At cooler temps for a longer period of time 
By someone else just before my alarm goes off 
I chose: Between 195 and 200 degrees

Question 4 (needed the hint)
Q: The Kona Coffee Belt is:
20 miles of espresso-scented roadway in Hawaii 
The hot accessory of the season 
A caffeine-measuring device 
A smack in the face from a sumo wrestler 
I chose: 20 miles of espresso-scented roadway in Hawaii

Question 5
Q: What is Irish coffee?
Whiskey topped with coffee 
Coffee with whiskey added and topped with whipped cream 
What Tony Soprano was drinking just before the cut to black 
What Dubliners drink on Mondays to get over the weekend 
I chose: Coffee with whiskey added and topped with whipped cream

Question 6
Q: What is Vietnamese coffee?
Soy milk and espresso 
Rice and Red Bull 
Drip coffee with sweetened, condensed milk 
Marlon Brando's favorite color 
I chose: Drip coffee with sweetened, condensed milk

Question 7
Q: How much caffeine can coffee contain if it's labeled "decaf?" 
Three percent 
One percent 
Enough to hold me over until I find some real coffee 
I chose: Three percent

Question 8 (needed the hint)
Q: Maria Theresa is:
An Austrian coffee drink made with orange liqueur 
A world-famous coffee shop in Venice 
A famous Austrian barista 
The patron saint of coffee 
I chose: An Austrian coffee drink made with orange liqueur

Question 9
Q: Coffee boosts productivity, but what else will it increase?
Blood pressure 
Heart rate 
Trips to the WC 
I chose: Heart rate

Question 10
Q: Which city is known as the birthplace of modern coffeehouses, with more than 500 inside its city limits?
Las Macchiato 
I chose: Vienna
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